Wednesday, 30 June 2010

1st picture from the It boys Metro shoot! featuring Alex Mola

Photo: The fabulous Johnny Moose!
Didn´t catch a flight again and obviously this time I really regret it. 15 hours on a lousy buss trying to drink some spastic cough medicine with bourbon, now I cough even more.

In Gothenburg for work and it seems to be even worse than before. Baby M you should see their summer dress codes it´s bloody dreadful! Nothing seems like it´s on the right place, if you know what I mean; and I thought German women where bad (they are). I long to go to Stockholm to see if all of Sweden can´t dress in the heat. I recon the answer is yes.

In the picture is as you see well known supermodel, good friend and musical expressionista Alexander Mola; I long for more picture from our Metro shoot soon will appear on the blog. Though I have to say I don´t look like I have eaten other things than Döners for some time… late beach 2010, here I come, or maybe… eh.

Puzz, puzz!

Ps. Johan you really make these pictures work Ds.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The wrong drink

Photo: Mahir Bale
Beware of a great breakfast place in the Görlitzer Area. A plate filled with Halal meats and vegetables for the price of a G&T in Mitte. Amazing sauce and so on. Three people can obviously get satisfied for like 7€.

Embarrassing enough I drink diet Coke on this picture and you helped me realize they had a fully equipped Pepsi fridge. One had to learn it the hard way this time.

Stayed at home yesterday and rewatched some Buffy the vampire slayer-episodes. Amazing! Saturdays are overrated in this town during summer; to many tourist without class.


Emilio El-Lauren

Ps. I miss this guy sometimes Ds.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Talking about standards: the issue of World Cup and so called gang colors (more now as country flag colors)

Photo: Jasmin Garcia

Ignorant as we sometimes may be here in Berlin, when the heat is on, a decision was made to eat Mexican, this lovely evening almost a week ago. Starving as hell and still hungover we arrive at something looking like a bar for hooligans. With company of a damsel in distress we pick the restaurant even though it was obviously crowded and the game between France and Mexico was showed.

Not realizing my, let´s say, provocative dresscode. I had at least 50 Mexicans looking at me whispering about what the Frenchman was doing at their bar. I tried to cover myself by drinking Coronas with empathy (crucially the lime didn´t fit in the bottle?!). The food by the way was alright, but I´ll never gonna be forced to wait more than 90 minutes for a fucking taco again. Maybe if I have the right gang colors, crips and bloods n´ such.


Ps. I totally agree that football is not an artform. Though what is these days? Ds.

Back and work'in it!

Ahhh it's so nice to finally be back in my sweet Berlin, even if its only for a short while. I chose to inaugurate my brief stay with a lovely day at Görlitzer park with some friends and some wine. I of course channelled my little boyish fashionista look with some "cut of denim shorts", a black tang top, a vintage black leather cap, my dads old shoes and some fierce eye ware.

With that said a the statement is made! This summer for me is mostly about black and white. I now that may be a "no no" in the fashionista universe during the summer season but POOP ON THEM, DON'T CARE!.

IT BOYS set there own standards, would you not agree Emilio!?

Photo by Sonsoles Lozano © All rights reserved.


Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm on my way

"Once apon a time, there was this little black boy who meet another "interracial" boy. Together they planed on gracing the world with fierce-dust and chic-ness."

The reunion is near!

Oh and by the way, should I work a Jackie O inspired "tranny chic" look or an angry "Grace Jones madness" look on the flight over to Berlin? I cant quit decide!
Probably the GJ Madness one...
Oh well, see you in a bit,Oh Fierce One!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Trying to much

Photo: Johan Orre

I do resemble Huey Newton on his way to work in the late 60s, don´t I? With the shades on and some badly conducted photo shopping all my hungoverness seem gone. Tried to make the world love me ones again with another take on the all-black-with-a-lot-of-etno-bling look. I slept safe and sound in my bed dressed like this. Fcuk pajamas! with some weed in the system together with swei chicken cheeseburgers; that´s all you need.


Ps. Still wearing the black Star Wars t-shirt, come down here and by me some clothes darling; I´m dying here. Ds.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Washing with style

Photo: Johan Orre
May not seem much washing clothes though the pick up potential is amazing, so preparation is the key. This bag is not just a bag, it´s a vintage Orvis sport bag I found for a bargain price in Stockholm (I was furiously hung over and didn´t really have the money for it) almost climbing over the Swedish disease Pernilla Wahlgren: “The bitch aint gonna get it!”. With your clothes in that the rest of your wear can be all black (imagine hearing that from me).

Last night I was high rolling among the tourist at Club de visionaire, which reminds me in a scary way of a yacht club for junkies and hookers. Sitting by the river smoking pot with manors though. At one point of the night a friend went to find my a gin tonic and came back with something looking exactly like one. First taste made me suicidal. The drink was a scam called ginger vodka; what has gone with the world, people drinking filthy coffee drinks and surreal fake GTs, I feel lonely darling, help me, come home. Whatever happened to rum & Pepsi and cocaine on the bathroom?

Had company home with to filthy Frenchmen trying to tell me to clean my act. I told them to fucking learn English first and then tell me again.

Ps. Came to think about inspirations and founds this brilliant clip Ds.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dressing appropriatly!

Thought I'd put on my polka-doted shirt to celebrate our fabulous makeover.

But darling, Its not your fault that some times your as delicious as Blueberry cupcake. Embrace the compliment, even if it's not as refined as one hoped.

And oh yeah, Italian tourists smell really weird!

Right now everyone here is giving me an odd face, and I'm starting to suspect that they think my hair looks funny. Fucking hill-billys are making me go bitter and that is totally not my best outfit.

Wait a minute, maybe I can pull it off!?

Would "Bitter-Chic" work?

Can't wait to get back to Berlin!


Pounding the wrong pad

Photo, Johan Orre

So, basically I used yesterday to root in the Berlin state of mind again (which implies drinking a lot). A feeling of Prince being a low level snitch for Wesley Snipes in New Jack City. Been thinking about Pepsi Generation ads and sex during this first part of the day. Maybe one should use today to not end at Roses having elderly men looking at you like you´re a fucking blueberry cup cake.
By the way the jacket was made by my mom in the late 70s and the shorts are imported 90s vintage together with a Star Wars t-shirt, which I´ve been wearing the last four days since it´s the only black tee I don´t have blood on.
When are you coming down here to join the madness? I think we should Dj at like HBC while your down here? So that the pretentious cunts have something to do and we drink and snort for free – good idea?


Ps. I´m so fucking tired of Italian tourists, they all look the same, like the Chinese. Ds.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Baby I´m back in Berlin just hollaring at hot streets and babes all over the place; went to Club de visionaire and then Bar 25 - we need to find some new places, tourists all over... waiting on new pictures and would at the moment recomend all works of Russ Mayer; faboulous kitsch!