Sunday, 27 February 2011

Making quiche in the north

So, still in stuck under loads of work in the north. In need of a pause I´m trying to conduct a quiche containing feta cheese, broccoli and smoked ham. Neither veggie or Halal, but if that is a problem I can give y´all an alternate recipe at some point. Don´t forget to drink one glass of wine during the cooking process, so that you don´t get bored. Suggestion of music is Mozart, classics makes one dance in the kitchen ;)

Soon I´ll return to the very missed It boys! mansion. And then we´ll entertain you at Jailbait, Backyard and Shade Inc… all in the same week.

Bis gleich!


Ps. Here is one of the underdog hits of the 80s. Ds.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pass the Courvoisier

So, finally in Stockholm… and surprised by the fact that I got the great opportunity to end this (of course) early night with some rum and politics.

Don´t forget that the It boys! Are doing a Dj-set this Saturday at Jailbait, more information on facebook.



Ps. Thanks Frida Lindblom for the photos Ds.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Report from Sweden pt. 2

Hey Vouge, hey wine, hey boredom… after a great dinner some hours ago I realized that the night went to an end without asking me. So now I´ve read the March Issue for the third time and Strindbergs Inferno for like the 12th. I guess it´s time to go to bed.

Obviously I´m in still Sweden ladies; it´s beautiful, it´s charming, it´s too chilly and seriously boring after 10pm. Though Madonnas Erotica album caresses me a bit as well as the latest from the lovely PJ Harvey!

I long to get back to Berlin and the It boys ´ newly pimped mansion.



Wednesday, 16 February 2011

From Berlin to the land of polar bears and Vikings

I guess not that many words are needed. I´m in Sweden! Didn´t catch any polar bears with the camera, but I guess “you get the picture”.
Thank you to Tata Christiane for caressing me with this over coat, it´s really needed. Found my ol´ Timberlands, so I´m at least a bit prepared.

See y´all in a week or so. Keep your eyes open for the other It boys! I´ll report to you when this cold country has really gotten on my nerves.



Ps. The camera is really crap, but enjoy whatever it caught. Ds.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lips n´such

So, hey sugars… since Don Franny is out of town, we´ll have to amuse ourselves anyway. It´s hard babes; though Flo came by and blessed our rooms with the lips of a goddess. Here´s some pictures.

This picture is called LA


Monday, 7 February 2011


So, this is our saturday outfits; though we don´t like saturdays.

See y´all tonight!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Party pictures, anyone?

Finally we´ve realized that we need someone to capture our parties, since we only use the camera 10 minutes at every time. Anyone interested? we might pay you with drinks…

However we´d like to thank all our homies for dropping by and hope to see y´all soon again.



Wednesday, 2 February 2011

So, today I was at photo shoot with Tata Christiane. Fabulous outfits with fabulous people. Thanks for a great even though early morning (11.00>). Hope to be able to show you the result ;)

For those of you that didn´t know we´re hosting a party at Champagneria tomorrow. Please come by, the drinks are good and the music will be stunning. You´ll find the event on our facebook page, there is all information you need to get a fun night tomorrow.



Ps. The song is great and is part of Julius new repertoire, the pictures in the clip on the other hand; eh… I just love when it´s slowly moving downwards Ds.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dress up!

When gotten tired of looking at the great party pics from yesterday at Glamcanyon, have a look at this wild an close to be unpretentious photo session with me, Flo and Julius from this Sunday. Most of you probably saw these fabulous outfits later that day. We hope to see you at the Champagneria party this Thursday. Loads of great dance music and cool moves are promised.



Ps. One got to love the legendary house of Ninja for keeping it real so long. Ds.