Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Two days - a new hang out place has developed

The new It boys! apartment has during this last week gotten much more close to a home kitted with IKEA-furniture awaiting the more stylish and excentric Trödel funds.


Here we are planning for It boys! and an other still secret event in januar.


Monday, 29 November 2010

Heavy films in the cold and devious aftermath

I think that many of you are actually still awake, so I´ll treat you with some of the rather cazy good treats to fuck with your mind.

The It boys will soon surprise you with a serious matter of representation on the Berlin club scene (wonder what that means?). Follow us on Facebook, more information will appear during the week darlings. And don´t forget to attend to the United colors of It boys! Multikulti Party.

Have fun watching these 60-70s classics; don´t do it unarmed – red wine is always a good start. Maybe a good ol´ Barolo.

Polanskis Repulsion

David Lynch´s Fire Walk with me
Worth knowing for you Twin Peaks fans is that this a prolouge to the series; enjoy.

Tarkowskys Stalker

A crazy sci-fi epos; this one is a real challenge...

Cries and Whispers by our own Ingmar Berrgman

My mother usually sold bread to this man in the 60s on the small island "Fårö". "Even the crazy ones eat bread" she told me. Maybe this could be his best one after Persona?

Emilio El-Lauren, your new guide in culture (for more tips write us on facebook)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just like music

Best of the best of the 90s!

More of this at the next party! Follow us on facebook.



Say what's real

Portfolio available on Izaios website. Yay!

/ Don Diva

Monday, 22 November 2010

The result

Click on image to make it bigger.

/Don Diva

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

Etno party - multikulti!

Photo: Merja Hannikainen

Photo: Merja Hannikainen

Photo: Merja Hannikainen

Photo: Merja Hannikainen

It´s time for then next round with the It boys! Are you ready for it? at least you´re very welcome. 11/12 23.00 5€ (3€ with flyer)... it´s gonna be a blast, more information is arriving when you least expect it. United colors of It boys! will be peforming as usual together with some of our best friends. More ´bout that later.


Merja, you are brilliant!

Ok so this is pix whom a very dear friend to the it boy took. The exhibition is called "Queens" and the images are being shown in Helsinki, Finland.

Merja you are the best!

Check out her pix below... Julius

Photo by Merja Hannikainen, all rights reserved

In case you missed it!

Well kids, I think we all can agree on the fact that the "It Boys" wave is growing!... for all you prudes who for some reason missed the launching party, here are som pix from that splendid night for you to see! =)

Oh and dont forget to get ready for the second round in DEC.

kisses Julius

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Hey people; for you that didn´t experience the tragic finale on Project Runway, here is the real winner.

Go Mondo!


Monday, 15 November 2010

Emilio on tour

Photo: I´m such an artist

I´m going to Paris babes; see you later…

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Some sunday night kitsch

Ah somehow pimped dark room I assume. Good luck at Panorama ladies!

Photo: David Lachapelle

A bit of the post-punk containing that little extra amount of kitsch, enjoy.


Ps. This is the fun that Stockholm has given me; I´ll return hungrier than ever. Ds.

Three songs not to forget

Allthough these songs almost has become a burden ´cause of the 90s generation´ ignorance; I salut their former glance and hope for them not to drown totally...


A skunk within the limits of country side instead of partying like a dog

Usually ya´ll know I´d never miss a party, but yesterday was one of those nights when parts of the it boys! where actually asleep while the other part where rocking… though I´ll see you soon Berliners; I wont be long – I´ll post you some of Paris in the week.



Ps. Yes I´m partly blond at the moment, haven´t yet decided if it´s gonna go gray or if I should stay with this late 80s b-ball hair due. "Ice, Ice baby!" Ds.

Friday, 12 November 2010

To handle death in two clips

Good luck Franny & Julius tonight! I´ll be on the Swedish country side eating tacos.


Thursday, 11 November 2010


Photo: Moi in the new It boys! badenzimmer - classic blog picture for ones

After a hard weeks work with trying to get the next It boys! Party on the road it´s naturally time to relax with a good book for the weekend. I strongly recommend (since I this morning arrived to Sweden and my old book shelf) any work by August Strindberg; especially for the decadent Inferno could be a treat, in which Strindberg´s alter ego goes crazy in Paris avoiding his wife and tries alchemy. Fantastic! Read it several times, goes well with that evening Cognac.

In other areas the It boys! Still awaiting internet and also furniture; in the upcoming months will post an It boys! cribs for y´all.

Don´t miss the last episodes of Americas next top model; Italian Vogue people, this is serious. Go Ann!