Monday, 31 May 2010

About the interior

How about som Polka Dots?!


OK! So this is what I was referring to earlier today on the phone.

Emilio please say something, I can't stand the madness.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Chique Mode


The value of preparation

Just to remind you, beeing an " It boy" is not always the most simple thing to be or do. Not long ago I had a follower from behind the bushes, a photografer! This is the result of the kind of madness one deals with.

Yet i'm glad they caught me in "CHIQUE MODE". How about that E?

Preparation Preparation Preparation is the Key.

Ps! My legs go on for days, Ds.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Sitting on a floor in Gothenburg wondering what the world has turned out be. Wheres my Champagne? you know. Noodles, cheap beer and ugly skins with cartoons on their arms. Unfaboulus, uncool, unbrave. They where all looking at me (they always do). Miss u baby;

Tough look at this pick, I always fancy standing besides someone that you´re seriously taller then, it makes your legs look longer. You should try it close up boy.
This is obviously not a picture from Gothenburg, you can tell in my happy face that it´s the Berlin spirits.

Qoute "happy"


Monday, 24 May 2010

Hey Bitch (just Emilio)

Well, i kind of find it very sutible for you to present yourself in that blunt matter, tough i would recomend to not visit the past ( when it disrepresents you today)....

I still look like slim 12 year old, in every photo-op. It's about beenig preperd!

Z up y´all!!!! Mostly Mahir

I´m still trying to endure this bad behaviour of mine, tough it´s not perfect to conduct a evolving aspect of the word queer. I´m wearing one of the sexiest t-shirts, like you know purple dots... what´s your drama M? all black and simple?

The wine tastes good in this part of town, where are you at?

Ps. Zipping JD to remember, or why? I don´t fancy writing in this language it´s to obscure. Let me be a single soul; hate. Darkness of the ones that sun shines on. Death, pedofiliac death. By the way somone took this picture of me in the winter, I was fat? what happened, you know, why didn´t you tell me to stop cobbing and start dancing?Ds.