Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Herbst (and for the non German speakers that means rain and great clothing mainly in dark colors to break with the glow from the fallen leafs)

It´s all about getting ready! Some people, whom I don´t respect, pump their bodies for the beach. If you´re into fashion, as we are, you´re aware of that summer is only a time to prepare your dress code for the autumn. So gladly I present my new shoes which I got for a bargain price, and my beautiful face that you can´t get for money.



Ps. Y´all! Please save all your old Gauloises packages, their doing something bad with styling the new ones: like Honda cars with neon light and tribals Ds.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Don´t snitch!

Photo: Johan Orre

Stealing bikes where back in the days one of those things you did, bored living in a small village outside Stockholm. Playing with your butterfly and all that, you know?

Time is drifting away and soon a new face is gonna be shown on this marvelous blog. No names yet, but we´re waiting darling, both me and Julius.


Them tunes, them wicked!!!

Hey E!

Here is a real club stomper!

Check it out! / Julius

Friday, 20 August 2010

I constantly thank me for my beauty

Photo: Don´t bother; I´m in a hurry

So, less is more they say; I´ll go with the tights on that one.

See you, I´m going down in the ground bitches.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Straight down the Mary food chain

Photo: Me is my best friend, look at those chains Julius!

It´s certainly not often the autumn comes with a real sting in the middle of august; but obviously it´s here and wont leave the it boys alone. Usually during summer I spend my time being cracked out at an open air or something similar. Now I´m once again forced into the deeper dungeons. Golden gate bitches! Beautiful people even look ugly up in there. So, if you´re going out (which at this point means inside for money) bring your bright colours, see to the bling, make up for dark rooms (and darker rooms) or just use the exact same clothes like I´m wearing on the picture, ´cause this lady always gets lucky.

By the way, time is closing in for the It boys! It´s now time for real to show the hipsters and queers a good time; hope you now the address. Maybe we´ll tell you when time comes…

Looking at the pictures from that festival it´s seems like it must have taken you a whole weekend to catch those beauties; ´cause I have a hard time imagine that they represent a majority.



Ps. Last I heard about this lady, in the featured clip, she was digging in a container behind a second hand shop – 3rd hand is the new black? Ds.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Yet another good tune to swing to

... and by the way, totally in to the red-heads outfits!

Just wanted to say hey!

Ok Emilio! So this is my attempt to stretch my hand over to you and hope you can put a ring on it, so that we can declare our everlasting passion for crazy fashion!

long to meet soon.

/ Julius Petit

And there goes the weekend!

So I just got home from GBG and that crazy music festival called "Way Out West" and let me tell you it was hectic.

We arrived in GBG to apparently meet the rain, but luckily enough my outfit keep it together. Musically the trip was very satisfying, got to see WU-TANG CLAN perform (witch wasn't all that by the way). But both M.I.A and Chemical Brothers fulfilled there purpose with there performances. Iggy Pop & The Stooges did good too.
One group that totally caught my interest was LCD Sound-system! all in all musically the festival delivered but one big problem was the club concerts and events continuing after hours. First of all there were cue's everywhere and all of them were way to long due to the bad planning by the festival. And me just like everyone else hate standing in cue's so left for some fun at a illegal club somewhere in GBG.

Oh and now to something way more fun!!!! The Fashion at the festival was lovely and fresh! Love it when people get specific with there sense of style when they go to events like this. Took some pix of some folks just to show. =)

Enjoy! Toddles/ M&J

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Natural nasuea

Photo: Moi!!! I kept it natural this time

As all the weekdays I´m supposed to handle something and every day I feel like deserve a drink. So, this is yesterdays outfit. I just love when people leave their clothes. Scarf from italy, jacket von Schweden and il Basques I stole at a film set.


Ps. So, finally Julius is arriving to the scene; didn´t think he was man enough for a moment. Ds.

Fashion Conflict!...

Photo by Sonsoles Lozano © All rights reserved.

Trying to prepare for this musicfestival I'm attending this weekend. Dont want to scare those precious GBG people. Should I do a little "Asian school boy" look or just pull a good old queer-punk style. Think I'm going to let Mr Julius Petit make that call.

Oh yeah, here's a link to The festivals website if you wanna check it out.

This is me thinking about fashion by the way, I call this state of mind Greek-Chic!

Can't wait to get down to Berlin, only two weeks left. Plus Emilio will finally get to meet Julius.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010


The last minutes of summer might be near; still hungover eventhough I didn´t go as far as to Bar 25 yesterday I managed to get drunk.

Found this brilliant song while getting treated like a real lady in a italian mansion out in ostkreuz, pasta, wine and weed; oyeah!!!


Monday, 9 August 2010


Photo: Moi!!!

In the world of lazy Berliners I´ve seemed to manage a full week of coke, K, porn, sex, italian cuisine, weed and struggling. Eaten maybe 4 times drinking 7 and working everyday. Hard work always means har drinking; that is a fact.

To all you Suecos going to Way out west don´t even imagine that I´ll ever come to that soap opera for pretentious students who think their cool beacuse they´re wearing wellingtons in the middle of town. High heels bitches; that´s all there is.

Fuck off


Ps. Baby M and all of our none existing readers, have a great time; the king stays in his castle. Dssssssssssssss.