Friday, 7 January 2011

Winter time makes you ill and lazy

So dear readers now it´s time for a couple of treats from the world of cinema… these weeks after New Year celebration usually makes you feel ill and hungover for weeks. So enjoy some god ol´ treats from war to space. Last time it was hardcore mystery so this time a bit more light and easy for the heated head and tired eyes.



This Coppola movie is a war classic that even the anti-war darlings can watch artistic and decadent, lovely!

Ridley Scott´s 7 and final cut of Blade Runner is probably the most stylish sci-fi film ever made. The genre tech-noir makes it even more sexy.

Zipping wine all day and stroll around in 70s Paris; what else is there?

A beautiful portrait that speaks for itself; Cillian Murphy has never looked more stunning.

Ps. For those of you still going strong. See you out there! Ds.

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