Saturday, 17 July 2010

Still Stockholm, Still Indie....

I always thought that when we moved from Gothamburg it would be the end of the Indie fashion... Oh was I wrong, apparently that peculiur Indie-look lives on and won't go away.

Got a sweet share of that in Stockholm, it seem as if the classic "GBG Indie Kid" is changing spaces and moving to Stockholm taking Indie to the next level. That typical Swade or in Swedish "Håkan Hellström" look is no longer valid (thank heavens)! mixing Indie with Etno, Punk, Queer, Kostume and so on is kind of coming strong. And you know what Yes! Ich is digging it

Now that it seems that all things are question remanes, what dose a it boy think of that?

Answer; Probably the it boy started the evolution!

Oh Emilio, are you still going strong?!



  1. Yeah!
    Pepsi is the new coke!

  2. Glorius inspirations here; impressing reasearch!