Friday, 2 July 2010

Purple Haze at Martin-Gropius Bau

While strolling around in Berlin ich decided to do some art watching and twiddled my little self in to Martin-Gropius Bau to see what this Olafur Eliasson really was on about. I'm no pretentious art journalist so I'm not going to write a long essay about how mind melting and visually provoking it was, but ich will say that it was impressive, Oh darling you do have to see the exhibition.

Oh and regarding the Metro-photo shot, the pictures turned out fabulous, courtesy of The Great Johnny Moose!

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  1. Chiiiiiic!!! And I love your insight baby... but art like that is only great on acid; maybe I´ll give it a try. Fuck journalism: it´s for ugly people.