Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Straight down the Mary food chain

Photo: Me is my best friend, look at those chains Julius!

It´s certainly not often the autumn comes with a real sting in the middle of august; but obviously it´s here and wont leave the it boys alone. Usually during summer I spend my time being cracked out at an open air or something similar. Now I´m once again forced into the deeper dungeons. Golden gate bitches! Beautiful people even look ugly up in there. So, if you´re going out (which at this point means inside for money) bring your bright colours, see to the bling, make up for dark rooms (and darker rooms) or just use the exact same clothes like I´m wearing on the picture, ´cause this lady always gets lucky.

By the way, time is closing in for the It boys! It´s now time for real to show the hipsters and queers a good time; hope you now the address. Maybe we´ll tell you when time comes…

Looking at the pictures from that festival it´s seems like it must have taken you a whole weekend to catch those beauties; ´cause I have a hard time imagine that they represent a majority.



Ps. Last I heard about this lady, in the featured clip, she was digging in a container behind a second hand shop – 3rd hand is the new black? Ds.

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