Tuesday, 17 August 2010

And there goes the weekend!

So I just got home from GBG and that crazy music festival called "Way Out West" and let me tell you it was hectic.

We arrived in GBG to apparently meet the rain, but luckily enough my outfit keep it together. Musically the trip was very satisfying, got to see WU-TANG CLAN perform (witch wasn't all that by the way). But both M.I.A and Chemical Brothers fulfilled there purpose with there performances. Iggy Pop & The Stooges did good too.
One group that totally caught my interest was LCD Sound-system! all in all musically the festival delivered but one big problem was the club concerts and events continuing after hours. First of all there were cue's everywhere and all of them were way to long due to the bad planning by the festival. And me just like everyone else hate standing in cue's so left for some fun at a illegal club somewhere in GBG.

Oh and now to something way more fun!!!! The Fashion at the festival was lovely and fresh! Love it when people get specific with there sense of style when they go to events like this. Took some pix of some folks just to show. =)

Enjoy! Toddles/ M&J

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