Monday, 29 November 2010

Heavy films in the cold and devious aftermath

I think that many of you are actually still awake, so I´ll treat you with some of the rather cazy good treats to fuck with your mind.

The It boys will soon surprise you with a serious matter of representation on the Berlin club scene (wonder what that means?). Follow us on Facebook, more information will appear during the week darlings. And don´t forget to attend to the United colors of It boys! Multikulti Party.

Have fun watching these 60-70s classics; don´t do it unarmed – red wine is always a good start. Maybe a good ol´ Barolo.

Polanskis Repulsion

David Lynch´s Fire Walk with me
Worth knowing for you Twin Peaks fans is that this a prolouge to the series; enjoy.

Tarkowskys Stalker

A crazy sci-fi epos; this one is a real challenge...

Cries and Whispers by our own Ingmar Berrgman

My mother usually sold bread to this man in the 60s on the small island "Fårö". "Even the crazy ones eat bread" she told me. Maybe this could be his best one after Persona?

Emilio El-Lauren, your new guide in culture (for more tips write us on facebook)

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