Thursday, 11 November 2010


Photo: Moi in the new It boys! badenzimmer - classic blog picture for ones

After a hard weeks work with trying to get the next It boys! Party on the road it´s naturally time to relax with a good book for the weekend. I strongly recommend (since I this morning arrived to Sweden and my old book shelf) any work by August Strindberg; especially for the decadent Inferno could be a treat, in which Strindberg´s alter ego goes crazy in Paris avoiding his wife and tries alchemy. Fantastic! Read it several times, goes well with that evening Cognac.

In other areas the It boys! Still awaiting internet and also furniture; in the upcoming months will post an It boys! cribs for y´all.

Don´t miss the last episodes of Americas next top model; Italian Vogue people, this is serious. Go Ann!



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