Monday, 24 May 2010

Z up y´all!!!! Mostly Mahir

I´m still trying to endure this bad behaviour of mine, tough it´s not perfect to conduct a evolving aspect of the word queer. I´m wearing one of the sexiest t-shirts, like you know purple dots... what´s your drama M? all black and simple?

The wine tastes good in this part of town, where are you at?

Ps. Zipping JD to remember, or why? I don´t fancy writing in this language it´s to obscure. Let me be a single soul; hate. Darkness of the ones that sun shines on. Death, pedofiliac death. By the way somone took this picture of me in the winter, I was fat? what happened, you know, why didn´t you tell me to stop cobbing and start dancing?Ds.

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  1. By the way, what´s up with this? call boys, have been "it boys!" for ages, this is nothing new. Rent a local it boys would be something to really talk about. /Emilio