Monday, 24 May 2010

Hey Bitch (just Emilio)

Well, i kind of find it very sutible for you to present yourself in that blunt matter, tough i would recomend to not visit the past ( when it disrepresents you today)....

I still look like slim 12 year old, in every photo-op. It's about beenig preperd!


  1. So, it´s like my fault now? 12 year old, yeah right. I look like a truck driver on that picture and I´m proud I tried eventough I´m not fully anorectic. So, who are you wearing? Like whatever, fcuk your coture, I´m fab.

  2. dont throw around the fcuk word E!... You could get hurt, and i mean big time hurt, like someone could pull a Yoshi Yamamoto all up on you!