Sunday, 30 May 2010

The value of preparation

Just to remind you, beeing an " It boy" is not always the most simple thing to be or do. Not long ago I had a follower from behind the bushes, a photografer! This is the result of the kind of madness one deals with.

Yet i'm glad they caught me in "CHIQUE MODE". How about that E?

Preparation Preparation Preparation is the Key.

Ps! My legs go on for days, Ds.

1 comment:

  1. Oyes darling! Prepare - by the way been strolling in the same clothes for two days, trying to avoid the paparazzi issue. Had a drink the other day and had some pretenious art-star looking at me. On her way out couldn´t help stopping her in the doorway and asked to look at her notes since I thought she spent her time wrtiting every single word I´d said since I entered Cafe Publik (wich has by the way become a place where you actually can get drunk). She hadn´t I then fastly turned around and ignored the bitch. Prepared eventough...