Wednesday, 30 June 2010

1st picture from the It boys Metro shoot! featuring Alex Mola

Photo: The fabulous Johnny Moose!
Didn´t catch a flight again and obviously this time I really regret it. 15 hours on a lousy buss trying to drink some spastic cough medicine with bourbon, now I cough even more.

In Gothenburg for work and it seems to be even worse than before. Baby M you should see their summer dress codes it´s bloody dreadful! Nothing seems like it´s on the right place, if you know what I mean; and I thought German women where bad (they are). I long to go to Stockholm to see if all of Sweden can´t dress in the heat. I recon the answer is yes.

In the picture is as you see well known supermodel, good friend and musical expressionista Alexander Mola; I long for more picture from our Metro shoot soon will appear on the blog. Though I have to say I don´t look like I have eaten other things than Döners for some time… late beach 2010, here I come, or maybe… eh.

Puzz, puzz!

Ps. Johan you really make these pictures work Ds.

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