Thursday, 10 June 2010

Washing with style

Photo: Johan Orre
May not seem much washing clothes though the pick up potential is amazing, so preparation is the key. This bag is not just a bag, it´s a vintage Orvis sport bag I found for a bargain price in Stockholm (I was furiously hung over and didn´t really have the money for it) almost climbing over the Swedish disease Pernilla Wahlgren: “The bitch aint gonna get it!”. With your clothes in that the rest of your wear can be all black (imagine hearing that from me).

Last night I was high rolling among the tourist at Club de visionaire, which reminds me in a scary way of a yacht club for junkies and hookers. Sitting by the river smoking pot with manors though. At one point of the night a friend went to find my a gin tonic and came back with something looking exactly like one. First taste made me suicidal. The drink was a scam called ginger vodka; what has gone with the world, people drinking filthy coffee drinks and surreal fake GTs, I feel lonely darling, help me, come home. Whatever happened to rum & Pepsi and cocaine on the bathroom?

Had company home with to filthy Frenchmen trying to tell me to clean my act. I told them to fucking learn English first and then tell me again.

Ps. Came to think about inspirations and founds this brilliant clip Ds.

1 comment:

  1. 1st
    LOVE the bag and the outfit!

    Fcuk the french and there bad english!!

    Totally inspiring clip!!!

    Oh my fierce on, hopefully I'll be down next week be your side to make fierce faces at everyone. Try to hold on