Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dressing appropriatly!

Thought I'd put on my polka-doted shirt to celebrate our fabulous makeover.

But darling, Its not your fault that some times your as delicious as Blueberry cupcake. Embrace the compliment, even if it's not as refined as one hoped.

And oh yeah, Italian tourists smell really weird!

Right now everyone here is giving me an odd face, and I'm starting to suspect that they think my hair looks funny. Fucking hill-billys are making me go bitter and that is totally not my best outfit.

Wait a minute, maybe I can pull it off!?

Would "Bitter-Chic" work?

Can't wait to get back to Berlin!


1 comment:

  1. The good old dots; if look close at my picture you can see it´s red dots on my socks.
    Red necks crawl out during summertime, wearing too short shorts and trucker caps. Fcuk ´em!
    'Bitter-chic' sounds accurate.
    Can´t wait to have you near darling!