Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pounding the wrong pad

Photo, Johan Orre

So, basically I used yesterday to root in the Berlin state of mind again (which implies drinking a lot). A feeling of Prince being a low level snitch for Wesley Snipes in New Jack City. Been thinking about Pepsi Generation ads and sex during this first part of the day. Maybe one should use today to not end at Roses having elderly men looking at you like you´re a fucking blueberry cup cake.
By the way the jacket was made by my mom in the late 70s and the shorts are imported 90s vintage together with a Star Wars t-shirt, which I´ve been wearing the last four days since it´s the only black tee I don´t have blood on.
When are you coming down here to join the madness? I think we should Dj at like HBC while your down here? So that the pretentious cunts have something to do and we drink and snort for free – good idea?


Ps. I´m so fucking tired of Italian tourists, they all look the same, like the Chinese. Ds.

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