Sunday, 27 June 2010

The wrong drink

Photo: Mahir Bale
Beware of a great breakfast place in the Görlitzer Area. A plate filled with Halal meats and vegetables for the price of a G&T in Mitte. Amazing sauce and so on. Three people can obviously get satisfied for like 7€.

Embarrassing enough I drink diet Coke on this picture and you helped me realize they had a fully equipped Pepsi fridge. One had to learn it the hard way this time.

Stayed at home yesterday and rewatched some Buffy the vampire slayer-episodes. Amazing! Saturdays are overrated in this town during summer; to many tourist without class.


Emilio El-Lauren

Ps. I miss this guy sometimes Ds.

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  1. Good god, yes! Remember that day. And I agree, grabing that Coke when the frige was full of Pepsi was a misstake, but lucky enought you had me there guiding you.